North Haven Oysters

North Haven OystersRaised in Heidi’s Pond, an old mill pond in pristine Pulpit Harbor, on the sparsely populated island of North Haven, 12 miles off the Maine coast. The natural salt pond was seemingly designed as the perfect oyster farm. The oysters are begun in bags and then hand-planted on the hard clay bottom of the pond, then harvested by divers after 3-4 years. Very briny except when recent rains have come to North Haven.

Product Specifications

•  Size: 3”–3.5” CHOICE

•  Species: Crassostrea virginica/ Eastern Oyster

•  Origin: Pulpit Harbour, Maine

Flavor Profile

• Salinity is constant and high during the winter months, in the summer there will be some fluctuation depending on how much rain fall the island receives.