All of us at Atlantic Aqua Farms appreciate the value of providing you with product that has been raised, harvested and processed in an environmentally sustainable manner. By design, many of our products are ecologically sound choices. We hear catch phrases such as “ecologically sound” and “environmentally sustainable”, but what exactly do these terms mean?

There are many factors that must be assessed in determining the effects a fishery has upon the environment. These factors include (but are certainly not limited to) the monitoring and management of wild stocks, method of catch or harvest, aquaculture practices, etc. These are very broad strokes on the canvas which is ecological awareness. There are a great many subtleties inherent to each fishery, and every one of these attributes must be individually assessed in determining the environmental sustainability of the fishery.

There is a great deal of confusion out there concerning exactly what is and what isn’t environmentally sustainable. Often times, blanket statements are made which erroneously oversimplify the true nature of the fishery in question. For example, some will tell you that all aquaculture is good for the environment. An equal number of people will tell you with the same conviction that all aquaculture is bad for the environment. The truth of the matter is that neither is correct. It would be neat and tidy if such an assessment could be made, and it was valid. But unfortunately, that is simply not possible. There are so many factors and variables unique to each fishery, and each must be assessed on a case-by-case basis to gain a true understanding of the exact level of environmentally sustainability of the fishery in question.

It is becoming increasingly important to source your shellfish through verifiably ecologically sound fisheries. Our chain of custody and vertical integration affords us absolute accountability in telling you exactly where and how your product was sourced. We do our best to seek out and partner with only the most ecologically sound fisheries, this is yet another value added aspect of Atlantic Aqua Farms that we bring to you at no additional cost.