Our Eliot, Maine central distribution compound houses state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to not only hold product in a state of stasis, but in some cases to actually revitalize and strengthen the shellfish. 

We also have several facilities in both the United States and Canada where processing occurs. Should we anticipate a lapse in availability for one reason or another (weather, seasonal closing, etc.), we will fill the tanks at our facility with enough product to carry us through the lapse. This is just one example of how we at Atlantic Aqua Farms have both the necessary vision as well as the ability to act accordingly, thereby providing you with a level of customer service and support which is without rival in the industry.

As with the employees of Atlantic Aqua Farms in Eliot, it is the pride of the individuals who are part of the Atlantic Aqua Farms team that is evident in the product you receive. We strive to partner with only the finest micro-fisheries of the North Atlantic. That is to say we have taken painstaking efforts to align ourselves with small (often family-run) fisheries. Whether product is sourced through one of our own fisheries, or one of these small operations which we take great pride in supporting, you can rest assured that all of the individuals involved with the harvesting, processing, etc. of our product share the same ideals as all of at the Atlantic Aqua Farms facility in Eliot, Maine. That is to say, only the finest quality product will be utilized.

The point of the story is that without competent, conscientious, dedicated individuals, the finest machinery in the world is under utilized. There may be other facilities similar to ours, but what makes Atlantic Aqua Farms different is the individual.