Gooseberry Bay Oysters

Gooseberry Bay OystersThe Gooseberry Bays are farmed and spend their entire grow out (four to five years) in ADPI bags. For the majority of their grow out, the Gooseberry Bays are suspended at the top of the water column as the bags are positively buoyed. This method of grow out exposes the oysters to the sun’s rays (resulting in a thickening of the valves), holds them squarely in the nutrient-rich tidal wash, and keeps the oysters out of the reach of predators.

Product Specifications

•  Size: 3”–3.5” CHOICE

•  Species: Crassostrea virginica /Eastern Oyster

•  Origin: Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island

Flavor Profile

•  Meats are pleasantly firm and are suspended in an abundance of rich liquor.